1996-2006 Art Circus

Matić, Piškorić, Vujanović

Art Circus is art group founded 1995. in Novi Sad. Its members are artists Milos Vujanovic, Dragan Matic and Zeljko Piskoric.

This art group is working at research of limits of art (interaction of art and science, art and society, art and nature)

The work of Art Circus group is the reaction to what a small circle (read triangle) of men experienced in their environment, discussing and living reality, and it is expressed in manners of explicitness. Uncompromised sincerity is the basic premisse of this work. Iracionality is the first element. Ephemerity is second. Naivity is third.

So far the group has performed solely and took participation in work of other groups and artists.

The most important projects of Art Circus group are:

“ The tunnel “1995. (three individual and one together instalation) – Petrovaradin fortress, Novi Sad Summer fest

“ The Temple of the Northern light” 1997. ( architectural, artistic and ideologic solution of the Temple of the Northern light, which consists of artistic objects, model, instalations) – Laza Kostic Gallery, Sombor

“ The Faun and the Floruna” 1998. (exhibition/instalation for children and youth) – Gallery of The Cultural center, Novi Sad

“ The Temple of the Northern light” (previosly performed work with photos and virtual models added)  – Gallery of The Museum of the contemporary art, Novi Sad

Untitled-12“ The flying carpet” 1999. (action of designing and flying of the flying carpets from the tower of St. Mary’s name church in Novi sad during NATO agression – repeated two weeks later in Belgrade on The Square of Republic)

“Monetary monarchistic action The Crowns”  2000. (bying peaces of destroyed Petrovaradin bridge with forged money from Led Art art group) – Fish market Novi Sad

“Hir.org action” 2001. (virologic inspection of Center for new media – Kuda.org) –Novi sad

“Awaiting miracle” 2000./2001. (carried out in Sombor Penitentiary)

“Turn around – ne okreci se sine” 2001. (exhibition, insatlation and projection of the movie) The Cultural Center, Novi Sad

“Almanach” 2002. (retrospective exhibition) – Gallery of Serbian Academy of Science and Art – Novi Sad

Group exhibitions and collective projects:

“The scetch and project biennial” 1996. – The Golden eye Gallery – Novi Sad   

“Iconomachy” 1998. Veljkovic Pavillion – Belgrade (action of demolishing art works in protest of bad position of artists in society – organisation Led Art)

“The universal calendar” 1998. – The REX Cinema – Belgrade

“Kunstlager” 2000. (performance in organisation of Led Art group) – The Catholic Port – Novi Sad

“Jool is cool” 2000. (festival in organisation of Led Art group) Novi Sad


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